Thursday, 20 November 2014

How to lock chat apps and other apps on android

how to lock Android apps and chat apps with Android apps lock application is what this post is all about.

Sometimes when you give your Android phone to some people, most of them usually go straight to chat apps be it BBM or Whatsapp(I wonder what they do that for).

So today I'll list two android apps(I consider the best) that will make your chat apps and/or any other app inaccessible to such "trespassers" but before then check out my last post on HOW TO MONITOR/SPY ON A WHATSAPP CONTACT

So now here are my two best android apps lock application and also best chat lock application on Android below:

2.ChatLock+ pro
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ChatLock+ pro is a very simple android chat lock app that locks your chats and messenger apps and your gallery aswell with a 4 digit password you create once you install the app on your Android.

ChatLock+ pro locks your selected apps by throwing a pop up dialogue requesting your pin/password.

Once you download and install Chatlock+ pro it requests you create a 4-digit pin that would be used in locking your apps.

Another awesome feature the app has is its ability to take the intruder's picture (this feature is only available if your Android has front camera), how it knows an intruder/trespasser is by recording the number of times wrong password/pin has been inputed, once it gets to three the app takes a snapshot of the intruder using the front cam.

It also has no ADs so you have nothing to worry about. Apart from these there are a host of other features that accompany ChatLock+ pro apk.

Download ChatLock+ pro apk HERE

1.Lockdown pro premium
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Lockdown pro premium is the android apps lock application i consider the best because of its numerous features.

Actually Lockdown pro is a free app but the this particular one am writing about is a premium app as such a paid app but you're downloading Lockdown pro premium apk from here free.

Similar to but way better than Chatlock+ pro, once downloaded and installed on your Android, the app first asks you for the lock mode of your choice, they include classic(pin) and pattern(similar to the conventional android lock pattern).

After setting your lock mode(pin or pattern) the ap brings you to a page containing a list of all the apps on your Android device, by default the lock option is set at 'off' you set any app's option to 'on' by tap the button that looks like a nut at the extreme end of the line on which the logo and name of the app is.

Since this is the premium version, this is how to access some other options/features of Lockdown pro premium app;

You tap on the menu of the Lockdown pro premium app at the top left corner of your screen labelled 'Lockdown Pro'

After that a list of options draws/pulls out from the left of your screen with so many options they are:

1.private gallery

This allows you to hide or make private any content of your gallery, you can choose the pictures/videos you wish to hide.

To use this feature you tap on it, in the next page to tap on the green plus button at the bottom right of your screen then from there you select pictures and/or videos you wish to hide and hide them by tapping the cancelled 'eye' symbol at the top, but in order to unhide them you open Lockdown pro premium and navigate to private gallery select the hidden pictures and videos then you tap on the 'eye' symbol at the top(this time its not cancelled).

NOTE:when using this feature make sure you unhide every hidden file before uninstalling Lockdown pro premium app, because if you don't, you would lose them. lock

This feature automatically locks or unlocks your device when:

  1. your device gets connected to a trusted bluetooth device, these trusted bluetooth devices are added by you when activating this feature
  2. your device gets connected to a trusted wifi, same as the above(trusted bluetooth).
  3. you and your device gets into a trusted location, you also add the location same way as the above listed


This feature takes record of every intruder's activity when he/she was with your android., this feature when activated takes a picture of the person with help of the front cam of your android(taking picture won't work for a device without front cam),

the observer feature is not restricted to only taking picture but also sending mails to your specified email, the mail contains the picture of the person, the accessed apps, accessed time.

How to activate the observer feature:
once you've launched the Lockdown pro premium app you tap on its menu next you tap on 'observer' then you toggle it on by tapping on the nut like button at the top right of your screen, after its activated you tap on the next option(a dotted vertical line), next you tap on 'settings' then you put on the features, first its how many times wrong password/pin should be inputed before it takes action(its set at 3 by default).

The next is taking picture, tap to active it.

The last is Auto send email you tap to activate then go to the last(an input dialog where you type your specified email address you wish to received the infos).

Apart from the few listed features, there are other awesome features I didn't mention. Download and explore Lockdown pro premium apk.
Download Lockdown pro premium apk free HERE

For some one who wants to only lock his/her chat/messenger and gallery apps, ChatLock+ pro is the app for you, while anyone who wants to set an extensive lock for his/her apps Lockdown pro premium apk is the app for you.

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Zombie highway mod apk unlocked guns, unlocked levels and unlocked cars

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Zombie highway mod apk with unlocked levels, unlocked cars, unlocked guns, all items unlocked.

At the end of the post you'll be able to download and play Zombie high mod apk levels unlocked, cars unlocked and guns unlocked.

Zombie highway mod apk, zombie highway nced items,zombie high mod apk unlocked guns, unlocked weapons, zombie highway mod apk unlocked levels and unlocked cars, download zombie highway mod apk
Zombie highway is a zombie game that keeps you on the highway driving pass zombies of different types and killing them.

In Zombie highway you're in car(usually a bus) carrying passengers, while you're driving these zombies jump onto your car in a bid to eat your brains and that of your passengers. Now your Job is shop the zombies by typing on a red spot on
your screen. But due to the fact that bullets get finish you can easily lose hence I brought this mod apk version of Zombie highway with levels unlocked, cars unlocked, guns unlocked.


Android 2.3+

How to play Zombie highway mod apk unlocked levels, guns unlocked, cars unlocked

  • download
  • install mod apk
  • And finally play the mod game

Before downloading Highway zombie mod apk check these out....
  1. TEMPLE RUN OZ DARK FOREST mod APK unlimited coins

Now download Zombie highway mod apk, unlocked levels, unlocked guns, unlocked cars and unlocked items.

Download HERE

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Monday, 10 November 2014

How to monitor and spy on a whatsapp contact

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How to monitor a whatsapp contact on your android plus how to download premium WhatsDog[the whatsapp spying app] for free, is what am going to show you today.

You know some people on your contact list would sometimes see your text/chat on whatsapp but would refuse to reply back when later asked they'll say, they were asleep and didn't notice, some would even say they've not been online so they didn't see your text.

I know that, of recent whatsaap rolled out an update that shows if your text/message has been read[ a text that has been read is indicated by the two blue check marks], but with this app, you'll still be notified even if the contact has your number blocked on his/her whatsapp.

Some of such people would go as far as setting their Last seen visibility to nobody as such you won't know when last they were online.

But with this app you'll know :
  1. offline and online- the contact's online and offline presence on whatsapp
  2. The contact's whatsapp activities on a chosen day
  3. the level/degree of whatsapp usage by that contact[this is shown on a chart]
  4. get notification on your device when the contact is online
  5. and lots more.....

The above listed are the features of the app, now this app is good for those who'll like to spy on a any of their whatsapp contact[maybe a crush, who knows?]

So now let's get to know how to use WhatsDog app:

  1. First Download and install WhatsDog, download it HERE
  2. After installing the app, launch it and select the contact you want to monitor and wait for the activation
  3. after the above you'll start getting notifications when the contact is online
  4. You're now a spy!!! But one advice don't get caught!

NOTE: it requires android 4.0+
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Friday, 31 October 2014

how to transfer and share files between PC and Android via WIFI and hotspot

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How to transfer and share files between PC and Android via WiFi and hotspot.
With the use of ES file explorer FTP tool you'll be able to transfer/share files between your PC and Android without needing to connect via USB cable.
  1. ES file explorer. Download it from THIS POST
  2. your Device Hotspot

The above listed are just the required tools you need to be able to transfer and share files between your PC and your Android device.\
Like in an older post I posted some of the functions of ES file explorer and the cool things it enables you to do with your Android device(phone/tablet), if you missed that post go HERE.
Now, one of those functions is FTP file transfer and that's what I'll be showing you how to do with your Android device.

1. Download and install ES file explorer(of which I hope you'v e already done that from the link provided above), you can skip this step if you already have \es file explorer installed on your Device.
2.Put on your Android's hotspot and also put on your PC's WiFi and connect the two Devices via WiFi(i.e connect your PC WiFi to you Android's hotspot, as if to share your android internet connection with your PC.
3.After connecting them, you open your ES file explorer:
  1. Tap your menu key and a column will pull out from the left side of your screen
  2. you tap on 'Network' or 'Tools' depending on the version of Es file explorer you're having(newer versions you tap 'Network' older versions you tap 'Tools'
  3. After the above you'll see list of options you tap on 'Remote manager' the next page will be open and you tap/press the button labeled 'Turn on'
  4. After the above the page brings up a page with some numbers(actually the IP address of your phone/FTP server) you take note of those numbers exactly the way they are, example mine is in this format ftp://***.***.**.*:****/
  5. you go to your PC and open your windows Explorer, on the address bar, type those numbers exactly the way they're including full stops but you can leave "ftp:// " if you want but its not necessary.
  6. once you've typed in the numbers complete in the address bar the way they're or appear, you press 'Enter' on your keyboard and every content of your memory card will be shown and from there you can then transfer files from PC to Android and from Android to PC

That's all that is required to transfer files between your PC and android via Wifi and Android
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Friday, 24 October 2014

How to use Android as second monitor for PC

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How to use your android as a second monitor for PC is what I bring you today, iDisplay is both an android, iphone apps that let you turn your Android device(phone or tablet), iphone to a second screen for your pc or mac computer to enable you work more efficiently.
Here's how it works
iDisplay is in two; The server software of which yo install on your host machine either windows or mac and the client app which you install on your Android phone or Android tablet.
1.You download and install the server software on your PC and also download and install the client app on your Android device; preferably android tablet cos of the larger screen size.
2. after downloading and installint them you connect the two view the same network.
Ok that was just a little intro on the set up of iDisplay though I'll explain that fully.
while this seem mere interesting is nice for those who don't have two desktops and would like to work on two screens simultaneously for example as a programmer you're typing codes and you want to open a reference ebook that'll be time wasting if you always have to minimize your wimdow in order to open the ebook app, in such scenario iDisplay comes in handy. Not just programmers but students typing of assignments and all that.
1.First download iDisplay apk(actually its paid at $5 but am giving you a free download link) HERE and download and installing that on your Android Device, download and install iDisplay on your PC from THIS SITE
2.After installing the apps both on your Android and your PC, you launch the one on your PC and follow the instructions, at first install and launch it'll test your screen, after that it minimizes and hides in your t
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