Monday, 18 August 2014

How to resume a broken/stopped download on Internet download manager

How to resume a failed download on Internet Download Manager, IDM for PC full version, you'll download internet download manager latest version 6.21 at the end of the post.
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A failed download or a broken download on internet download manager usually occurs as a result of broken links, bad internet service. And a failed or broken download of large files on Internet download manager is not what anyone would like maybe for some reasons like using of a limited(capped) data, when you encounter such, it means your data and time has been wasted (I've also experienced that).
Now this is where this IDM tip or IDM trick comes in handy.
with this tip you'll successfully continue your download from where ever it stopped without the fear of downloading broken files or not continuing at all.
also read these:

ok, Don't forget to read the above listed tips.
Now this is how to resume a failed or broken download on Internet Download Manager, IDM.
when resuming a previous download on IDM and you received the pop that talks about starting the download from beginning due to broken links and all that.
what you need to do is minimize your download screen(IDM screen) or better still leave it. Then you open your browser, go back to the page you go the download from and click on the exact link you used in starting the download of the particular file that stopped.
For example let's say you got your download from this current page, and the specific link you clicked on to initiate the download was, When your download on IDM got stopped due whatever reason(maybe slow internet or you paused it for long as a result developed a broken link) all you do is come back to this page, and click on
After following the above illustration/example for your paused download, once Internet Download Manager initiates the download the link, your paused download will automatically continue from where it stopped. That's the trick I use when downloading, especially large files so am never afraid of paused or broken downloads.
Now download Internet Download Manager 6.21 latest version HERE ( This is actually a trial version with time limit,the full crack version with no time limit is available but due to some reasons, I only upload when its requested.
NOTE: the link never exists and may never exist i was just for the explanaton.
Don't forget to ask questions.
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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Temple Run OZ Dark forest mod apk free download

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Temple Run OZ mod apk, dark forest mod with unlimited coins and unlimited gems, free android game download.

Sometime ago I posted a review on Temple run 2 and also Temple Run 2 apk (get it here the game is still awesome.
Today am bringing you the next to the latest version of the Temple Run endless android runner game, not just the apk file but also the mod version with lots of goodies like unlimited coins and unlimited gems to the tune of 933 million plus. The Temple Run OZ apk I'll be sharing comes with mod files and instructions on how to install.
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  1. get to travel in a hot air balloon
  2. pick up keys to unlock music boxes for amazing bonus coins and abilities.
  3. switch between two play grounds9 whimsie pool to Dark forest and the reverse)
  4. nice graphics
  5. unlimited coins and unlimited coins as I said earlier(only available in he mod version)

These above listed are a little out of the many features of Temple Run OZ I cannot just continue listing them out.
Instruction on downloading and installing Temple Run OZ mod apk
There are two files of which Ill share their both links, one of the files is the Temple Run OZ original apk and the other is the mod file containing Dark forest. In the introduction I didn't talk much about dark forest. Now Dark Forest is more like an in app upgrade of the Temple Run OZ game. What the original apk comes with is whimsie woods while you play the whimsie woods you'll be prompted to upgrade to Dark forest and this leads to Google playstore. But in this one that am sharing you no more need to be prompted neither do you need to upgrade it but it comes with the dark forest files.
Now that was just a little introduction on Temple Run Dark forest, back to the instruction.
First download Temple Run OZ apk from here
After downloading the Temple Run OZ apk, install it. If you choose, after downloading and installing you can play but you'll be able to play whimsie woods so it's not yet advanced and upgraded even though the graphics, game play is cool.
Now after doing the above, download the Temple Run OZ Dark Forest mod file here
after the unzip process you'll see a folder with the name now copy or preferably cut it and go to your 'sd/android/data/' you'll see a folder with the same name, replace the folder you aw there with the one you copied. or alternatively copy the when your device asks you where to paste the folder you go to ' sd/android/data/' you paste it there it'll ask you whether to replace the former one there you'll have to accept.
After doing the above, Now go and launch your Temple Run OZ android game it'll tale some seconds to load, if your android phone or tablet is slow it'll take a little longer but not more than a minute. When it's done loading check your coins and gems, all you'll see is in 933 million plus!.
the data file contains the mod file and Dark Forest so you no more need to upgrade through play store. In the game go to OZ world and you'll see Dark forest active!
Play in this place where everything is dark with great graphics.
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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Google tools you should be using

Last time I wrote on how to download free apps from Google Play with PC don't miss that tip.
Today I'll be writing on Google tools that also awesome as the popularly used ones.
These Google tools/features include:
1. Google Drive

This is one of the top free cloud storage available(though it's not entirely free). This cloud service has been available for sometime now but only few people use it( you particularly don't use it) probably because of other numerous free cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Yandex, Skydrive, Ucloud(read this to know more about Ucloud) or maybe be it's too hard to use. But despite all Google offers all it's free cloud storage users a total of 15G free space to store any kind file incuding pictures, word documents, mp3 files or any file type you can think of.
It works on both PC and smartphones including Android.
In order to use Google Drive's free 15G of online storage space go to register and start storing your files online on Google's server.
2.Google Translate

With Google Translate you can translate any website of your choice(including Google) to almost any language including your local language some times I translate LegiStuffs to Igbo(my native language) and it works perfectly fine. But it some worth surprising that many don't utilize some of these internet tools to make the internet easier and fun. Google Translate works for every website so you can translate a french, spanish, arabic, polish website to English.

Now its; How to use Google translate
In order to use Google translate just go to, in the page there there will be a space to type in the url/address of the site you intend to translate. But before that, on top the space provided is the option to change the language you want Google to translate the from and to, in default it's set at 'detect language'(which is best) and translate to English. This means Google detects the original language of the site and translate it to English but if you want it to be translated to any other language not English, you click on the word 'English' and options of various language will be provided, you then select the language of your choice. After selecting the language of your choice, you then type in the address of the site and click non the word 'Translate'. that's all.
3. Google currency converter

As you can see these Google tools cut across different aspect of life because different people use the internet for different purposes. Now with this feature you can tell Google to help you convert any currency of your choice to also any currency of your choice.
Most times when looking for the latest conversion rates different websites give many lists you actually don't need, so with Google you get the direct conversion rates between different currencies of your choice.
how to use Google to convert currencies
this is how I do it; for example if I want to know what one naira is in dollar or the reverse I type 'one naira in dollar' on the Google search box, and Google will give me the exact rate, you type it without the quotes('') and Google will give you the answer you need.
4.Google wallet

Google wallet is the last on my list of the not so popular Google tools which I believe you should be using. But the truth is I don't use Google wallet not because am not interested but because it has not expand as it should and many online stores don't accept it yet. Maybe if am to register and start using it, it'll only be for the sake of Playstore.
But for those who use e-stores that accept Google wallet its a great thing to use it and one won't be much afraid that the company will just vanish into thin air like Liberty Reserve. So Google wallet has come to stay and using it for your online purchase is a great idea.
in order to use Google wallet go to and set up your account.
with this list you can see there are so many Google tools or Google features you're probably missing. Trying out some of them wont be a crime.
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

how to download free android apps from Google playstore with PC and without log in

Sometime ago I wrote on how to download videos from YouTube without any software, and it's been making waves go here if you missed it.
Today I'll be showing you how you can download free android apps, free android games or whatever from the Google Playstore with your PC, Mac smart phones and every other device without log in.
The above means that with this android trick or tip am going to show you, you'll be able to download android apps, android games from Google without:
Log in and download using any device ; You'll be able to download free android apps and games with any device that's that your android, example your PC, your Mac or any device. This means that you don't need to input your Google play details in order to download from The playstore with this android trick.
PROCEDURE; 1; First you have to know the complete name of the free android game or app you want to download or if you don't know the complete(full) name of the app or game, you to The playstore with your browser and look for the app or game and copy the link of the free android app or game(NOTE!; you have to copy the link complete).
2; After the above you go here when you get to the page, you would have something like this picture below

In the page you'll be provided with a space/box where you would have to type in the complete(full) name or the link you copied earlier(as stated in the first procedure) of the free android game or free android app you want to download.
3; finally, after pasting the link in the space provided you click 'generate link' and a link to download the free app or free game would be provided.
conclusion The advantage of this trick is:
1.You no more need your Gmail account details when trying to download from the playstore.
2. you also don't need your android device in order to download from the playtore
3. you can now download any free android app or game from the playstore with other mobile browsers such as UC web, opera mini and other android mobile browsers.
and lots more....
NOTE This trick works for only free android apps and games.
that's just the trick required to download any free android app or free android game without your android device and without logging in.
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Monday, 30 June 2014

how to translate languages with your android

Imagine you stumbled on an interesting book, newspaper or anyother written work but you couldn't read it because it was/is written in a foreign language, how frustrating it could be! When stuck in such kind of situation, that's when this come to your mind; 'HOW TO TRANSLATE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE WITH YOUR ANDROID' So have you ever wondered if it's possible to translate with an android device?, It might sound a bit impossible but with technology nothing is impossible and today I'll prove it in this aspect. I'll be introducing you to a free app that will do that perfectly well with no hassle. Yea it's a free app!

This free app am talking about is Word Lens Translator, it'll automatically translate a foreign text to your preferred language(lets say english) with the help of your device' camera once you hover your android device(phone or tablet) over the text written in the foreign language, Unlike so many other apps Word Lens Translator doesn't require any internet connection to do this, so its just download, install and use. You can get it here from the Google playstore, After downloading and installing Word Lens Translator on your device, open it, it will introduce you to its features and also tips to help you know what to expect from it. I'll advice you follow all it tells you for the best result.

When done with the above you'll be taken to the app itself and it will start capturing video and during this process it'll ask you if its good, be sure the video its showing is clear and its not rotated, if its ok, you press 'Looks Good' and if its not ok you press 'Needs Rotation'.

After that, it will ask you to select your preferred language that you want it to translate from and to. that is, if you're having a text written in spanish and you want to read it in english you select spanish to english and same with the reverse.
If you followed all the above, you're now set to use Word Lens Translator in translating from a foreign language to your preferred. Just hover your phone/tablet over a text written in the language you seleted above and watch it do the magic for you. During this process/stage, if you encounter anything like poor translation performance, try keeping the camera steady and fixed and/or try using your device in a landscape mode (or portrait if it was already in landscape). If you still encounter a little problem tap the zoom symbol(that's the magnifying glass button) and you'll get a more acurate translation. NOTE: This app works perfectly well with large text in standard fonts. Some other awesome features of the app
-Apart from the use of the camera in translating, you can aswell make use of the app's dictionary to quickly translate any word by tapping the notebook option. And lots more. Thats all you need to start translating texts from a foreign language to your preferred. Now that you've gotten the information and tip you need, start translating now!
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